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To better understand PR and Communication, let’s ask ourselves this thought-provoking question: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it falling, does it make a sound?”
Whatever philosophy says, in marketing, the answer to this question is almost always “No”. No matter how awesome you are, if people don’t know about it, then your efforts are mostly in vain and your presence easy to ignore.
So, if you have an important business event, an anniversary, a product or a service launch, a CSR campaign or you’ve just established a strategic partnership, let us help you in letting the world know about it.

PR and Communication services aid your business with entering and standing out in a very crowded and competitive market. Specifically, they increase your brand’s awareness and memorability, they enhance your brand’s image and help your business build a meaningful relationship with the local, national and international community and, implicitly, with your potential customers.

With a database of international clients, as well as a strong, capable, team of professionals, we are constantly upgrading the services we provide.

Presently, our PR and Communication services include:
✓ Proposing and selecting the most appropriate media channels for each project and company;
✓ Managing your relationship with the local, national and international media entities (including press, radio, television, blogs and other online channels);
✓ Organizing media conferences;
✓ Drafting and publishing press releases;
✓ Ensuring a consistent and constant communication in the local media;
✓ Customized PR concepts, both online and offline.

Whatever business event, project or achievement you want to tell the world about, get in touch with us and we’ll help you make a lot of (good) noise.

Have a project you’re interested in discussing with us? Can we help you? Drop us a message, we’d love to talk.